Homemade or Store Bought?

I do love eggs but have I personally cracked a thousand or more of them? Hmmm, that seems rather unlikely even though I have been doing more baking nowadays.

So it was quite a surprise that while preparing an omelette, I found my first ever double-yolker!
After all, the chances of finding a double-yolker is supposedly less than one in a thousand eggs that are store bought.
This is because unlike eggs bought directly from a farm, such eggs are usually picked up through the process of candling and they end up being used in egg products instead of being sold as whole eggs.
Still, fun as it was finding this double-yolker or more spookily, chancing across a half dozen such eggs in a single carton (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1248133/Eggs-actly-ARE-chances-double-yoker.html), personally, nothing really beats having my very own homemade “twin-yolkers”…
Say “Hi”, boys!!!

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