Teacher’s Miracle

Teacher's Miracle

The Lord has worked his miracle,
Five loaves, two fish, 5,000 feed*.
But a greater feat, He must summon,
Forty youngsters in class to teach!
~ D.F.

*To all teachers of the young: You guys work miracles daily! Thank you πŸ™‚

*The Feeding of the Five Thousand. John 6:1-14

9 thoughts on “Teacher’s Miracle

  1. Beautiful image, and a great tribute to those folks I admire greatly – I lack the amount of patience it takes to be a teacher, even on a limited basis (so no plans for workshops or seminars for me! lol) Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by and liking ‘Ohio Winter – 2014’ May your 2014 be all you hope it to be!


    • Hi Stan, wonderful that you could drop by. Like you, I don’t think I can cope with a whole bunch of kids, so definitely kudos to the teachers who can! God bless and may 2014 hold much joy and peace for you and your loved ones πŸ™‚


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