Gordian Knots

Gordian Knots

Trudging high mountains to the valleys, dark below,
Where breath grows thin and courage flees to cold,
Draw warmly then to our sweet Lord, beware to lose Him not,
Grasp that hand with sure faith!
He will loosen life’s Gordian knots.
~ D.F.

+ A Special Note of Thanks to Susan Irene Fox for including this poem in her post β€œFruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness” published today, March 28, 2014 on Susan Irene Fox (http://www.susanirenefox.com) and Mind’s Seat (http://www.marmarthunder.wordpress.com).

19 thoughts on “Gordian Knots

  1. I love your images and poems, they are simply beautiful! I am hong that you will allow my year 9 music students use some of your poems to create songs? Let me know, it won’t be until next term, but I really appreciate your view on the simple things, it is inspiring. Also hoping you don’t mind if I use your blog in the year 9 and 10 photography classes to inspire them as well!
    Julia form Jooya


  2. I first saw these seed pods in Bonaire last year and fell in love with them. I tried to take cool pictures but was unsuccessful…thanks for posting this, I think you captured their beauty in a fabulous way!


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