A taste so pure and simple, no guile or false pretence,
As wisdom favours the godly, it revives the dull and bland.
Sweetness gently drawing, His Spirit, now a friend,
The Chosen by hand so gathered, Salt from sea and land.
~ D.F.

“You are the salt of the earth.”
~ Matthew 5:13

12 thoughts on “Salt

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    • Many thanks, Jessie. I am grateful to be able to share these posts, truly by His Grace. The thoughts sometimes occur during the day, stemming from a particular word or a photo I had taken. Certainly, prayers after the kids have gone to bed are tremendous help to calm things down after a long day. Still, often it seems that there is really nothing to write late at night. Then I simply ask, “Lord, do you have something you would like me to write. If not, then it’s time to turn in.” And often a time, the words simply flow and I become just a spectator…


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