I Spy

I spy with my little eye, His Presence and His Plan,
Grace and time fulfilling, sweet favour here descends.
With unassuming entrance, as raindrops kiss the land,
He revives the broken spirit, by word and healing hand.
~ D.F.

Lost & Found

Lose your way with Me, in this forest, let us be,
Earth, its gentle stirring, wind whistling through the trees.
The flowers send their greetings, leaves, they waltz so free,
In silence, faithful keeping, come, find yourself in Me.
~ D.F.


Lisping in the wind, the sound of silent prayer,
Ferrying her tears, seeking the One who cares.
In that quiet hideaway, the trials of life to spare,
A sigh, the final resting, at last, all things made fair.
~ D.F.


Hold unto His Words, let them take you on a ride,
Beyond the highest mountains, where angels and saints abide.
There shall Peace be sown from the stores of His own light,
Downward through to earth, as the dew drops take to flight.
~ D.F.


Blend me in, creation find, colours and hues, come rain or shine,
The changing light, its lows and highs, trusting all the world is Thine.
With ready tongue, my turret eyes, blessings caught, how sweet, divine!
Morning rise and evening sigh, Your watchful gaze, Life’s grand design.
~ D.F.

Blood Brothers

The child, he walks among us, no guile or false pretence,
Looking for that someone, with whom life’s game to tend.
A friend to last the seasons, to walk with, boldly stand,
Their journey so beginning, as brothers, rule the land.
~ D.F.