City of Light

O flee this home of iniquity, that City of Light to find,
Where Hope, a blazing hearth, Faith, its roads are lined.
There the godly shall gather, none wounded left behind,
And its Rule shall be of Charity, and Peace to all mankind.
~ D.F.

30 thoughts on “City of Light

      • Doing my best, Dan. Life has been rather challenging for me of late, and I seem to just be keeping my head above water. Today is a calm day, oh thank goodness. You have a great weekend as well! I am hopping on my bike and going for a LONG ride today when I finish up here and what I have to do this morning. (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. This is such an amazing talent you have. Truly beautiful photographs and colours are amazing. Thank you for sharing your passion and creative genius. It is such a joy to my eyes to see and to my mind to be inspired by this photographic beauty.
    Love and Light


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