Behold me in my nakedness, darkness, plain to see,
Wrong and sin, misgivings, none are hid from Thee.
Flickering in the trying wind, quick, then set me free,
Extinct this lowly flame of mine, now to Your mercy flee.
~ D.F.

Summer Chic

Dancing in the sun, see her soaking in the heat,
Candy for the eye, oh what a dose of summer chic.
Dress so softly flowing, how form and function meet,
An air of sweet seduction, come worship at her feet.
~ D.F.

River Wild

Take me down this river wild, my fainting heart to lead,
Diving into treacherous turns, all at a breakneck speed.
Then find in me, a trusting soul, the rapids bravely meet,
Life with all its twists and feigns, to faith and courage cede.
~ D.F.

Little Things

Enough for me, the little things, those graces oft unseen,
Flowers by the country road, the hills of carpet green.
Softly flows that cheery brook, its crystal waters clean,
Hymns of praise at eventide, as day slips from the scene.
~ D.F.

City of Light

O flee this home of iniquity, that City of Light to find,
Where Hope, a blazing hearth, Faith, its roads are lined.
There the godly shall gather, none wounded left behind,
And its Rule shall be of Charity, and Peace to all mankind.
~ D.F.


Come, rock me to bed, this tempestuous night,
All worries to rest, dreams, my pillow light.
With starry drapes, lined in crystals bright,
And the gentle moon, from her watchful height.
~ D.F.