10 thoughts on “Death Row

  1. Dan, thank you very much for your frequent visits to my blog. I do not get around to leaving many comments, but I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your photography, and more importantly, find very real encouragement in your words. I don’t read much “Christian” material only because so very little of it accords with the Scriptures the writers claim to hold dear. That is not the case with your poetry, in my opinion, and I come back to it precisely because I anticipate you will mirror the Scriptures instead of trying to add to them. Besides that, I know that your poetry is always intelligent and thought provoking. I think your blog is a ministry. And I thank you for it.


    • Hi Dave,
      Many thanks! I truly appreciate your writing. It has indeed been a special experience to be able to share with everyone what was ministered to me during these two years, a journey of faith amid some uncertainty and which has prompted a return to the values of a simpler life. I’m just grateful to been chosen to be part of this process. God bless 😀


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