Death Row

Cold and steel arresting, the end, now beckons me,
Release from guilt and sin, my all at last set free.
Free to find that home, where once this child did flee,
There innocence had dwelt, the sky, the hills and sea.
~ D.F.


A question for the asking, of the radiance of His glow,
How love should matter much, that brought a god down low.
Swallowed up in victory, through death did graces flow,
And rue the forgotten answer, that life must die to grow.
~ D.F.

Loss & Gain

This life, its fading glory, sorrow’s sweet refrain,
Now I lay it down, what was mine is Yours again.
Low, this humble offering, take, by grace, exchange,
To reign with you, Lord Jesus, no greater prize to gain.
~ D.F.
“Whoever loses their life for Me will find it.”
~ Matthew 16:25


Follow down that rabbit hole, light of His candle, heed,
Journey fraught with highs and lows, of faith amidst defeat.
Until that final yielding, to morn, the darkness cedes,
The vision of His glory, where peace and justice meet.
~ D.F.

The Good Earth

Hidden not from view, the workings of His hand,
Both by word and spirit, He gently tills the land.
Beauty all creating, what is wounded, binding, mend,
Earth, His good and glory, home for the son of man.
~ D.F.
“God looked at everything He had made, and found it very good.”
~ Genesis 1:31


Relieve me of my burdens, let calm restore to me,
To know again sweet liberty, rising high and free.
The lightness of my being, His angels bearing me,
To home, that hallowed shelter, the cares of this world flee.
~ D.F.