Was it not too long ago, stars in flight aligned,
Moon so softly shining, the night, black velvet, lined.
Out there, fields of singing, in laughter, wine and dined,
Lost in music playing, our spirit, heart and mind.
~ D.F.


Wind across the waters, the rippling waves unroll,
Lightest of all touches, the softest kiss behold.
Then its tale retelling, how once, from ancient old,
Life, from nought, beginning, by grace, His breath unfold.
~ D.F.

“The spirit of God moved over the waters.”
~ Genesis 1:2

Sun & Rain

How tender is His mercy, its gift of sun and rain,
To warm and to refresh, hearts burdened and in pain.
With gentle strength and kisses, songs, their sweet refrain,
Revive the low and weary, to live and love again.
~ D.F.


Instil in me, a steadfast trust, of love, eternal, true,
That wrought about the forest deep, its leaves and flowers too.
Whose gentle sway, the dove did rise, to heavenward did flew,
And promptings of the human heart, whose beat was spurred by You.
~ D.F.

Here with Me

Just to have you here with me, the finest treat there be,
To snuggle in beneath the sheets, leap across the seas.
Dance beneath the autumn sky, the stars, we’re sailing free,
Gaze upon the rising morn, its glory, plain to see.
~ D.F.