Pray, stir me on to victory, this fading heart of mine,
Strength by Your own making, whose very fount divine.
For see, this broken spirit, to You, how deeply twine,
Bear me to the finish, the crown, its glorious shine.
~ D.F.

Baptise Me

O rain down upon me, sweet waters cleansing free,
All of filth, iniquity, down the river flee.
Then find in me, chaste and pure, afloat the endless sea,
There beneath Your watchful gaze, my soul at rest in Thee.
~ D.F.


Gilded feet and angel wings, a song of tidings sing,
Word of joy and giving, the gift of Christ, our King.
Who alone that winter’s night, by birth, creation bring,
His promise of salvation, twas born, eternal spring.
~ D.F.


O how they creep upon you, their tiny hands and feet!
All toothy grin and laughing, the world, a wondrous treat.
For now the bedroom, sleeping, at last, the day, retreat,
My love, these little munchkins! Angels and monsters meet.😃
~ D.F.