Wake Me Up

Wake me up, come springtime, the scent of life anew,
Streams and rivers flowing, as nature sounds her cue.
What had been cold and barren, signs and stirrings, few,
Depart for warmer seasons, bid us all adieu.
~ D.F.

Wild Child

Raised among the flowers, the earth, his bed and rest,
Alone for much his journey, yet, days so richly blessed.
With friends, the sun and moon, the stars, their light attest,
The love of God the Father, drawn gently to his breast.
~ D.F.

All Of Me

All of me for you, forever hand in hand,
Yours to have, to hold, my love, my friend, my man.
Let you and I as one, bound, this golden band,
Our days, this life together, unto its twilight end.
~ D.F.


Blest, a shower of kisses, each so feathery light,
Descend upon this wretched, love’s sweet heavenly height.
Tenderly caressing, with arms, such warm invite,
Whispering, softly, healing, “Hush, my child, sleep tight”.
~ D.F.


Waves of tender mercy, come, crash upon my shores,
Lure me to a distant world, softly, pray, implore.
There in open waters, the ocean, mighty roar,
Consume this flagging spirit, Your strength and peace adore.
~ D.F.