Welcome to my castle, amidst the treetops high,
Among the leafy branches, against the clear blue sky.
Here, this little hideaway, far from who, what, why,
A slice of precious freedom, a piece of cherry pie.
~ D.F.


The promise of tomorrow, its golden light, sublime,
To rouse the broken spirit, to soothe the wounds of time.
For surely at its passing, the midnight hour chime,
The Lord in all His mercy, restores all rule and rhyme.
~ D.F.


Create in me, O Lord, a heart that beats for You,
Every breath and flutter, every strain and rue.
Drawn ever to Your wisdom, words held sure and true,
Come, warm this quiet bosom, hid from all but few.
~ D.F.


Steaming bowl of comfort, revive this spirit, fray,
Harvest from His bounty, upon my taste buds play.
Soothing, warming, calming, aroma, senses sway,
For now, the world, its passing, fade in faraway.
~ D.F.

Love Note

The kiss of summer sunshine, the shade of the old oak tree,
The cheer of the bluebird singing, the flight of the bumblebee.
The freshness of the dew fall, O how sweet, the garden pea,
Yet none should ever matter, save the loveliness in thee.
~ D.F.