Missing You


Miss you in the early hour, the sky in darkness grey,

Miss you in the daytime, while the children all at play.

Miss you in the evening, as the sunlight fades away,

Miss you in the dreamtime, beneath the moonlight, lay.

~ D.F.

Candy Sweet


Your kiss before I go to sleep, a blessing, what a treat,

What had been sad and bitter, now the taste of candy sweet.

Then leading on to dreamland, where in secret, we will meet,

There our pledge of love renew, till the end of time, repeat.

~ D.F.

Lead Me On


Pen me a little song, to lift me through the day,

Words, their form and flowing, illumine the darkness, grey.

A tune so ever catching, the spirit’s call to play,

Leading on, the highs and lows, a swagger and a sway!

~ D.F.

Eden Days


Take us back, our land and home, to where it all began,

To the meadows and the hills, to where the river ran.

Then was hope and promise, creation’s wondrous plan,

Amid the lush and lovely, the vast horizon span.

~ D.F.

My All

The sum of my existence, the close of all my days,

The hour of every season, a glimpse of all your ways.

Sitting, walking, sleeping, oh, in all things, song and praise,

Until that night should claim me, my all to you, I raise.

~ D.F.


Belated have I known you, the sense of Your presence deep,

Walking through the forest floor, light through the foliage, peep.

Calm by the quiet stream, the spring of the cricket’s leap,

The scent of the flowers, wild, the moon, its watchful keep.

~ D.F.


Behold this blessed earth, the land, its vast extent,

Fruits from every season, the air, their fragrant scent.

For from the river flowing, peace, its tidings sent,

Did raise a harvest, plenty, men, their hearts’ content.

~ D.F.


“They shall be watered by the flow from the sanctuary.” ~ Ezekiel 47:12

Dream Lover

Catch you in the twilight, to meet you in my dreams,

To kiss and feel you close, how real it all did seem.

By the stars, regaling, the moon, its gentle beam,

Till dawn, the hour stirring, soft, the tear drops stream.

~ D.F.


A gentle lift so needed, a mark to spur me on,

Forward to the finish, the race now to be won.

There awaits my victory crown, the spoils, eternal dawn,

And faith, at last, its just reward, night, forever gone.

~ D.F.


“I have finished the race; I have kept the faith.” ~ 2 Timothy 4:7