Come, bring for us a smile, a spark to light our day,

When hope has gone asunder, and right, its path astray.

With warmth, a quiet spirit, your knowing, gentle way,

Then rain will be as sunshine, and Spring, the treetops sway.

~ D.F.

Where You Are


Hitch a ride across the sky, to galaxies afar,

Upon the beaming crescent moon, astride the shooting star. 

Where the lights of heaven, from ages, near and far,

They lead the way to you, my love, home, to where you are.

~ D.F.

Dance With Me


O say yes to this dance with me, above the treetops, free,

Among the whispering clouds, the far horizon, see.

The gentle wind, so lifting, the warmth, the gleaming sea,

Where all a distant worry, the floor, just you and me.

~ D.F.



A vow, a pledge to love you, to be where you will be,

To trust your every asking, beyond the darkness, see.

Your ways, my precious seeking, how right, your just decree,

Assured that I am for you, come, claim my heart for thee.

~ D.F.

No Fear


What is there to hold me back, to keep me rooted here?

What chains to bind me tightly, or thoughts, my heart endear?

For see, the LORD, he calls me, His words so strong and clear,

Come, rise beyond the empty, the tomb no longer fear.

~ D.F.

Easter Vigil April 4, 2015



Come, raze me to the ground, then build me all anew,

My every rock and timber, every bolt and screw.

Then find in me, a temple, holy, through and through,

And bless it with Your Presence, this sanctuary for You.

~ D.F.


“Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

~ 1 Corinthians 3:16