Proclaim His love and mercy, let all exalt in praise,

The King, the Lord Almighty, O hail, His sceptre raise.

Whose reign, comes fairest justice, how righteous,  mark His ways,

Let all the earth revere Him, who rules the nights and days.

~ D.F.

White Knight


Come, lift your veil of sadness, no more your mourning be,

See, your love, he cometh, on a steed, so wild and free.

To crown you for his kingdom, to claim you all for he,

Now away from all this sorrow! Death’s dark lonesome tree.

~ D.F.



Walk a little way with me, place your trust now in my hand,

Let me show you all the wonders, bestowed on this, your land.

Rivers flowing, milk and honey, the plains and mountains grand,

My gift to you, your children, as many, the stars and sand.

~ D.F.

Creation Song


O teach me, the sacred hymn, how glad its tidings bring,

A song of joy and giving, which all creation sings. 

That lends the hills, their solitude, the flowers, eternal spring,

And life, its days and seasons, and Hope, its stirring wings.

~ D.F.



Come, place your hand in mine, let’s together take a walk,

Onto the quiet forest trail, where none can hear us talk.

Hid beneath those shady leaves, slow the hourly clock,

There our pledge of love renew, the fount of youth unlock.

~ D.F.