The foreign stars are calling, a journey far away,

Across the empty cosmos, behold their silent sway.

Bidding me, “Come, follow”, beyond the Milky Way,

Amidst the glorious heavens, a home, a restful lay.

~ D.F.

Lost Kite


Whisk me through the airy clouds, so soft and feathery light,

Taking through to heaven’s gate, atop the celestial height.

Where angels with their glorious wings, adorn the endless white,

To welcome me, at last, my home, this lost and wandering kite.

~ D.F.

A Thousand Years


Let not a thousand break us, a promise, say, “We will”,

Let not the withering summer, or deep, the winter’s chill.

Let not the fading music, the forest, darkness, still,

Let not the years diminish, till love, its hour fulfil.

~ D.F.

Read Me


Come read my thoughts, and search my feelings, my every move and glance,

Every feign and every breath, they all whisper, “Take your chance.”

Forget yourself just for the moment, stay with me, through this dance,

Then yield once more to wondrous bliss, a kiss, what sweet romance.

~ D.F.



A dose of deadly poison, to draw me up above,

Away from life, its hurting, release this wounded dove.

Flying, fainting, fading, no more, from all thereof, 

Until the one should find me, who’d plant a kiss of love.

~ D.F.