Be free from all the shackles, the cares that hold you down,

And look towards the morning bright, ease that worried frown.

For gently, He will lift you, away, this cursed ground,

And claim you as His very own, what’s lost but now am found.

~ D.F.

Message in a Bottle

At last, the message has been sent, now whitter shall it go,

Adrift in the endless ocean, buoyed by its restless flow.

Whereupon, this tiny isle, its shore, in the moonlight, glow,

The Word shall find a welcomed home, and Hope, a place to grow.

~ D.F.

The Garden

‘Twas on your gentle rolling slopes, lined with verdant green,

That I, this child, alone and lost, sweet paradise, did glean.

Calling me, and drawing close, the promise of joys unseen,

Yet even now, the scent of earth, from life, its bitter, wean.

~ D.F.

Stars & Sand

O Marvel in His glory, the workings of His hand,

For who could ever fathom, His thoughts, His deeds, His plan.

As ever through the ages, the sky, the sea and land,

Come, number all His wonders! The countless stars and sand.

~ D.F.

Rainbow’s End

I’ve found my little rainbow, the place where colours greet,

Red, blue, green and yellow, with orange, violet meet. 

Basking in their cheerful hue, the dark and grey defeat,

And at its end, what sweet reward! Life, its joy, complete.

~ D.F.