Daily Dose

Hope in daily doses, to drive our doubts away,

As flowers, they nod and ponder, the season and the day.

Drawing light and strength, from the sun, its healing ray,

While night will bring on slumber, as the soul in silence, pray.

~ D.F.

Victory Parade

O that day will dawn upon us, shouts and trumpet horn,

With cheers and coloured streamers, the crowded streets adorn.

To greet us, mighty victors, who endured the cross and thorn,

Now home with all the angels, whose company, reborn.

~ D.F.


Gather around the naked flame, and hear his earnest tale,

Steeped in youth, adventure, of a journey, wayward, sail.

Where distant wonders did attract, and sin, its scent, assail,

Yet wand’ring home, the end of day, how the moon, did grace the trail.

~ D.F.

Sweet Sixteen

Take me back to yesteryear, when all was young and green,

Lilies lying in the fields, the waters, clear and clean. 

Where promise meets the open sky, birds, their younglings wean,

And there you were, all day with me, love at sweet sixteen.

– D.F.

Old Faithful

Shadow along the bladed grass, a walk on the sunset way,

The gentle breeze a-blowing, as the sky sees out the day.

Painted clouds, so darkening, soon the stars, they play,

My friend, my ever faithful, at my feet, in peaceful lay.

~ D.F.

 Standing Still

If it could, that time stood still, which moment would it be?

Penning thoughts, the open sky, shade of the old oak tree.

Or a stroll, white sandy shores, the music of the sea,

Better yet, the magic hour, when you said Yes to me.

~ D.F.

A Simple Love

Tis all so pure and simple, in a clear and crystal way,

How Love, before the ages, should seek a home to stay.

Coming down from heaven, in a lowly stable, lay,

A child, whose name brings Promise, whose light, eternal day.

~ D.F.


A pulse, a gentle stirring, a fire deep within,

A flame to light the coals of love, a spark from nought begin.

Burning through the wintery cold, hope, so worn and thin,

Yet find in you, that fiery hearth, to warm my soul within.

~ D.F.

The Elves

There amidst the undergrowth, or high the forest top,

Where the birds, they gather, or the hills, their rocky crop. 

With faintly steps, discerning, nary a rest or stop,

See the elves, they’re scurrying! Wings and feet, a hop!

~ D.F.

What Will Be

Come, stay with me til ‘morrow, this night alone as one,

This our little getaway, let all the others shun. 

What holds for us, come morning, the waking of sun,

Will Love survive our dreaming, or will all become as none.

~ D.F.