The Wait

The Wait

Fast and penance,

The fruit,
soon for your taking.

How sweet,
its promise of salvation,

Dreadful is the waiting!

~ D.F.


“Be stouthearted, wait for the LORD!”
~ Psalm 27:14

Come Dine with Us!

Meet our gracious host and proprietor.
And the lovely servers.
A drink of 蚂蚁酒 to warm your spirits.
Our bestselling dishes, perfect for the cold weather.
The freshness of our speciality ingredient.
Come back soon!
Yunnan, China

Dining with the Wealthy

“The rich give of their surplus but the poor give of what they have to live on.”
Of the many meals I had during a photography trip in Yunnan, China, the most memorable must be the one that my travel companion and I had at the home of our local guide.
His home was clearly not in an affluent part of town.
But yet, he and his wife readily offered up all they had in their kitchen larder for our dinner.
With his wife handing him the ingredients, our host hunched low over a campfire style burner (no, there was no cooking hob or oven in this place) and proceeded to stir-fry dish after dish in front of us.
Cooking fumes blew relentlessly towards them but this did not bother them at all.
The smell of food cooking must have roused the appetite of his son and I was lucky to capture the moment when the little boy merrily popped in at the door to check out what’s for dinner.
Stomachs filled, memories etched, and spirit encouraged. A treat from a host we hardly knew anything about. What more could we have asked for?
Surely, to be able to willingly share of the little that one had must be a sign of an internal wealth that belies outward appearances.
Maybe that is why his son had such rosy cheeks and an angelic smile!