Just Me

Having taken more than a year off workΒ to spend time with my pair of young twin boys has been the best thing.

Besides the chance to be involved in their growth day after day, I have had time to revisit my interests in reading, writing and photography and now to embark on new ones like writing this blog.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog in which I will share my reading and reflections on God, family and life along with photographs which I have been privileged to capture. Updates will be on a daily basis.

God bless and come, take a walk with me!

Daniel Ng

“Dan Frugalberg”

459 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Hi, I wanted to thank you for liking my post, Taking Time to Enjoy Nature. You have some beautiful photos. They make me feel tranquil.


  2. I have twin sons, now 24 years old and I know what you mean about being around them during the first part of their lives. I tried to be around my two younger sons the same way as the twins, but financially at times this is not possible. You miss out on so much when working to provide for your family and it’s so wonderful to hear that you have had the opportunity to see the wonder of your children. We are all lucky, as we get to see your photography and poetic words.


    • Yes, you’re completely right. It definitely takes some serious adjustment finance wise but in retrospect, the reward of watching them grow at this age is quite priceless! It’s been truly a grace on several levels πŸ˜€


  3. Heya!

    I wanted to drop by and say thank you for your like on one of my recent posts! Your photography is beautiful. Such detail.. Really great work. ::smiles::



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  5. Hi Dan – Good for you! It’s great what you’re doing your time off. I like your blog, the images and the poems and prose. I look forward to future visits!


  6. Glad you found my blog Dan – I love what I’ve seen of your site so far and look forward to exploring more and receiving your posts! I appreciate your interest.
    Warmest wishes,


  7. Great! Let us enjoy the thoughts of each other. God, family, children, pictures captured by your self all very great themes. Thanks.


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