Baptise Me

O rain down upon me, sweet waters cleansing free,
All of filth, iniquity, down the river flee.
Then find in me, chaste and pure, afloat the endless sea,
There beneath Your watchful gaze, my soul at rest in Thee.
~ D.F.


Lo that ancient edifice, so hard and stony cold,
Many a futile sacrifice, yet none a promise hold.
Save by the Cross redeeming, Heaven’s mighty blow,
Rock, sweet water yielding, the floodgates overflow!
~ D.F.

“Moses struck the rock twice with his staff, and water came out in abundance”
~ Numbers 20:11

“One soldier thrust his lance into His side, and immediately blood and water flowed out.”
~ John 19:34

Stars & Crowns

Stars & Crowns

New life has been His promise, The Lord now beckons, “Come”,
Arise from River Jordan, another like Christ become.
All stain of sin relinquish, water trailing off the sleeve.
Fresh robe of stars to warm thee, many crowns of victory.
~ D.F.

Baptism of Our Lord
January 12, 2014