A drop, the endless ocean, a breeze, the mighty gale,

A grain, the fields of harvest, a step, the mountain trail.

A sigh, the deepest sorrow, berth, the sunset, sail,

A breath, the world beginning, a Cross, salvation, hail.

~ D.F.

Big & Small

A kiss of golden sunshine, the touch of falling rain,

The softness of the meadow, how free, the highland plains.

The rivers, calmly threading, the clouds, their endless train,

The vastness of the heavens, the smallness of the grain.

~ D.F.


Bless us in the morning, its cool and sprightly air,

Bless us in the noontime, as the heat, our spirits wear.

Bless us in the twilight, the sun now bids us fare,

Bless us, come the nighttime, in our dreams, to find You there.

~ D.F.


Soon the chosen hour, when all without a trace,

The Lord Himself appearing, in this, most hallowed place.

With saints and angels rousing, songs of joy and praise,

And we at last shall see Him, our maker, face to face.

~ D.F.


In this, the silent hour, come set my soul aflame,

Alive to do Your bidding, to glorify Your Name.

That all my being burning, O my heart no longer tame,

To greet You at Your coming, to lay on You, my claim.

~ D.F.

Take Me

Take me up beyond the clouds, to see what You can see,

All the earth, its beauty, the land, and endless sea.

Where trees, their quiet breathing, the mighty rivers, free,

And day, its gentle turning, what is and what will be.

~ D.F.


You’ve placed me in a twist and caught in me in a bind,

Thoughts and ways beyond me, what wisdom fills the mind.

For every path I’ve chosen, they all lead me back in kind,

To where Your love beginning, to where all things resign.

~ D.F.

Here & There

Keep still, and know I’m here, your every waking hour,

In the ever gentle breeze, the snow, the evening shower.

Whereabout you plant your feet, or glance the open flower,

There I am to hold your hand, to lift you by My power.

~ D.F.


O There you are, my little one, so cold and tired be,

Come, lay on now, my shoulders, let your Master carry thee.

Across the treacherous rocky cliffs, that line the restless sea,

To reach, at last, that quiet place, to find your home in Me.

~ D.F.

A Storied Tale

Lend your ear to the whistling wind, his words, a storied tale,

How he saw the Beloved One, on the cross, the flesh did nail.

Precious flowed that crimson blood, drained, the spirit pale,

Yet, bought for us, our souls’ reprieve! Whose grace shall never fail.

~ D.F.