Let life, its sweetness find you, shades of rosy hue,

A taste of God’s creation,  the tropics shining through.

Turning all, refreshing, the jaded, made anew,

The goodness of His bounty, the earth, in fullness due.

~ D.F.

Eden Days


Take us back, our land and home, to where it all began,

To the meadows and the hills, to where the river ran.

Then was hope and promise, creation’s wondrous plan,

Amid the lush and lovely, the vast horizon span.

~ D.F.


Deft, with measured movement, the crafting by His hand,
From nought, the form emerges, each a plan so grand.
Polishing and filing, rough edges, gently sand,
Then a kiss, life breathing, with flowers, grace the land.
~ D.F.

“Is He not the carpenter’s son?”
~ Matthew 13:55


Wind across the waters, the rippling waves unroll,
Lightest of all touches, the softest kiss behold.
Then its tale retelling, how once, from ancient old,
Life, from nought, beginning, by grace, His breath unfold.
~ D.F.

“The spirit of God moved over the waters.”
~ Genesis 1:2

The Good Earth

Hidden not from view, the workings of His hand,
Both by word and spirit, He gently tills the land.
Beauty all creating, what is wounded, binding, mend,
Earth, His good and glory, home for the son of man.
~ D.F.
“God looked at everything He had made, and found it very good.”
~ Genesis 1:31


Blend me in, creation find, colours and hues, come rain or shine,
The changing light, its lows and highs, trusting all the world is Thine.
With ready tongue, my turret eyes, blessings caught, how sweet, divine!
Morning rise and evening sigh, Your watchful gaze, Life’s grand design.
~ D.F.


Skilfully He folds, the paper yields to plan,
From nought, a form emerges, His image guides the hand.
Blessed above the angels, now frail and mortal man,
Yet grace so freely given, his home, the Promised Land.
~ D.F.



Spring now beckons, new leaves unfold,
Plans and designs, cast from the mold.
Inscrutable ways, God’s wisdom behold,
New heaven and earth, promises of old.
~ D.F.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth.”
~ Revelation 21:1