A question for the asking, of the radiance of His glow,
How love should matter much, that brought a god down low.
Swallowed up in victory, through death did graces flow,
And rue the forgotten answer, that life must die to grow.
~ D.F.


Lisping in the wind, the sound of silent prayer,
Ferrying her tears, seeking the One who cares.
In that quiet hideaway, the trials of life to spare,
A sigh, the final resting, at last, all things made fair.
~ D.F.

River Bend


Come round the bend with me, where hope as carpet grows,
Waters catching light, life, as the river flows.
Come round the bend with me, your hand so soft to hold,
Day at last, its resting, by night, our story told.
~ D.F.



The cycle now completing, young blends into old,
Passion gently ebbing, night draws in the cold.
Mortal thoughts releasing, time eroding hold,
Earth, sweet home returning, as sheep retire to fold.
~ D.F.