Simple Words


Simple words of wisdom, dispel this darkness, night,

What was closed and hidden, let yield at last to light.

Long, this winter’s passing, lost, what lonely plight,

By faith, a new beginning, Spring in glorious flight.

~ D.F.


Instil in me, a steadfast trust, of love, eternal, true,
That wrought about the forest deep, its leaves and flowers too.
Whose gentle sway, the dove did rise, to heavenward did flew,
And promptings of the human heart, whose beat was spurred by You.
~ D.F.

Fire & Snow

A tiny orb of light, in darkness, softly glows,
Faith and courage nursing, as wild, the cold wind blows.
Fire, breathing, burning, with strength from weakness flow,
Sure, the footsteps gather, His trail across the snow.
~ D.F.


Follow down that rabbit hole, light of His candle, heed,
Journey fraught with highs and lows, of faith amidst defeat.
Until that final yielding, to morn, the darkness cedes,
The vision of His glory, where peace and justice meet.
~ D.F.

River Wild

Take me down this river wild, my fainting heart to lead,
Diving into treacherous turns, all at a breakneck speed.
Then find in me, a trusting soul, the rapids bravely meet,
Life with all its twists and feigns, to faith and courage cede.
~ D.F.

City of Light

O flee this home of iniquity, that City of Light to find,
Where Hope, a blazing hearth, Faith, its roads are lined.
There the godly shall gather, none wounded left behind,
And its Rule shall be of Charity, and Peace to all mankind.
~ D.F.