Open my ears to the Spirit song, rafting through the land,
With words of a simple making, whose meaning, hearts commend.
Its tune, a lively tonic, the broken, a healing hand,
The weary shall find solace, and the childlike, understand.
~ D.F.


The lightness of His touch, the healing by His hand,
The wounded takes to wing, as warmth revives the land.
Soaring, oh so free, my fainting senses mend,
Then one at peace with Him.
And all that love demands.
~ D.F.

I Spy

I spy with my little eye, His Presence and His Plan,
Grace and time fulfilling, sweet favour here descends.
With unassuming entrance, as raindrops kiss the land,
He revives the broken spirit, by word and healing hand.
~ D.F.




A char along the edges,
Be not too distraught,
The Lord gently chastising,
His goal, your soul restored.

So in this blight, take pride,
Wound inflicted and healed,
It is only those deemed worthy,
That in mercy, He so deals.
~ D.F.