Daily Dose

Hope in daily doses, to drive our doubts away,

As flowers, they nod and ponder, the season and the day.

Drawing light and strength, from the sun, its healing ray,

While night will bring on slumber, as the soul in silence, pray.

~ D.F.

Message in a Bottle

At last, the message has been sent, now whitter shall it go,

Adrift in the endless ocean, buoyed by its restless flow.

Whereupon, this tiny isle, its shore, in the moonlight, glow,

The Word shall find a welcomed home, and Hope, a place to grow.

~ D.F.


The promise of tomorrow, its golden light, sublime,
To rouse the broken spirit, to soothe the wounds of time.
For surely at its passing, the midnight hour chime,
The Lord in all His mercy, restores all rule and rhyme.
~ D.F.


Streams of golden sunlight, sleep now yields to morn,
Old, its dreams forgotten, wake! A brand new song.
Rafting through the silence, softly, rays adorn,
Day, His Word renewing, hope by grace reborn.
~ D.F.


Tender was her touch, as soft as angel’s hair,
Rousing to a flame, what spark, the chill did spare.
Whispering kindly words, revive the fallen fair,
In her bosom lay, sweet refuge from despair.
~ D.F.

City of Light

O flee this home of iniquity, that City of Light to find,
Where Hope, a blazing hearth, Faith, its roads are lined.
There the godly shall gather, none wounded left behind,
And its Rule shall be of Charity, and Peace to all mankind.
~ D.F.


Peering through the past, a vision, crystal clear,
How the tempest riding, His hand did surely steer.
Tender mercies shine, those nights that teemed with tears,
Dawn, its hour rising, new hope born free of fear.
~ D.F.