O There you are, my little one, so cold and tired be,

Come, lay on now, my shoulders, let your Master carry thee.

Across the treacherous rocky cliffs, that line the restless sea,

To reach, at last, that quiet place, to find your home in Me.

~ D.F.

A Little Extra

Just a little extra, to tide me through the day,

Grace to lift this spirit, that hour and trial did fray.

Your arms, they warm me surely, soothe, dark fears allay,

Then all my cares, release me, at peace, at rest, at play.

~ D.F.

Back Then

Back to where it all began, to when the days unfold,

When life was kind and innocent, its sorrows yet untold.

Then, the sun did always shine, from spring to winter’s cold,

And momma’s hand, ’twas ever close, to kiss, to squeeze, to hold.

~ D.F.

Rainbow’s Light


Come, rain down upon us, a saviour pure as white,
With every drop, sweet mercy, fall, spy the rainbow’s light.
His sign of ever faithfulness, amidst our darkness, plight,
Then, cold will yield to warmth this day, and rest, this blessed night.
~ D.F.

“I will set my bow in the clouds to serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” ~ Genesis 9:13



Give Thanks


The music of the cheerful stream, its waters flowing free,
Softly smooth and velvet grass, here we lay, the shady tree.
As light, the crispy morning air, did stir, the breath in me,
Then all my thanks, let render Thee, for the sky, the land and sea.
~ D.F.


Winter’s Light


Lost, the hidden pine trails, the snow in endless white,
Mountains and the forest glean, in winter’s quiet light.
Whispering call, to man and beast, come forth, this holy night,
To greet the One, who is, who was, whose star reigns ever bright.
~ D.F.



Higher Hopes

To where the air is fresher, beyond the clouds and storm,
To where the oceans gather, the sun, horizon, warm.
High where the mountains peer, O gaze their mighty form,
To when the darkness yielding, a sea of light, transform.
~ D.F.



Forgotten days of summer, shed, the robes of fall,
Shortening of the daylight, winter’s silent call.
As snowflakes softly gracing, woods, their hallowed hall,
Deep in restful slumber, His creatures, great and small.
~ D.F.

Farewell, Love


Lay your hand upon me, run your fingers through my hair,
A kiss upon my eyelids, the scent of your presence, fair.
No more then will I see you, come, night, its frosty air,
But as yet, the stars, they’re shining, love, our sweet affair.
~ D.F.

Castle in the Air

A thought, a dream, a wistful wish, floating here and there,
Rising from the towering clouds, my castle in the air.
Whose very walls guard happiness, home with my maiden fair,
And earthly thoughts, lost, faraway, my throne, my rocking chair.
~ D.F.