Hold Me


There beneath your mantle, your scent surrounding me,

Drawing o so gently, to a world, forgotten, flee,

Warming, coaxing, holding, at your breast, now gladly be,

Until the night, its passing, at dawn, my spirit free.

~ D.F.

Read Me


Come read my thoughts, and search my feelings, my every move and glance,

Every feign and every breath, they all whisper, “Take your chance.”

Forget yourself just for the moment, stay with me, through this dance,

Then yield once more to wondrous bliss, a kiss, what sweet romance.

~ D.F.

Catching Fire


Once more, a wayward turn, the wind has called your name,

Forget the past, familiar, let your old desire, tame.

In this, sweet precious moment, child, there is no shame,

To lose your heart to him, at last, your soul aflame.

~ D.F.

White Knight


Come, lift your veil of sadness, no more your mourning be,

See, your love, he cometh, on a steed, so wild and free.

To crown you for his kingdom, to claim you all for he,

Now away from all this sorrow! Death’s dark lonesome tree.

~ D.F.



Come, place your hand in mine, let’s together take a walk,

Onto the quiet forest trail, where none can hear us talk.

Hid beneath those shady leaves, slow the hourly clock,

There our pledge of love renew, the fount of youth unlock.

~ D.F.

Where You Are


Hitch a ride across the sky, to galaxies afar,

Upon the beaming crescent moon, astride the shooting star. 

Where the lights of heaven, from ages, near and far,

They lead the way to you, my love, home, to where you are.

~ D.F.