Summer Dreams


Dreams of golden sunshine, of lazy times ahead,

Free at last to languish, the beach, our sandy bed.

Hear again, the crashing waves, the seagulls overhead,

To put her out to sea again, life, a chapter read.

~ D.F.

Summer Chic

Dancing in the sun, see her soaking in the heat,
Candy for the eye, oh what a dose of summer chic.
Dress so softly flowing, how form and function meet,
An air of sweet seduction, come worship at her feet.
~ D.F.


Who is this lovely one, whose raiment, the sun’s own flare,
Strolling on this summer’s day, sweet fragrance lifts the air.
Her skirt so lively, dancing, such playfulness and flair,
Even as the warm breeze rises, in her movement, lose your cares.
~ D.F.