Where will you take me, what wonders there to see?
The sun in all its glory, a phoenix rising free.
Or upon the oceans deep, its song, a haunting plea,
The hills and endless rivers, the whispering of the trees.
~ D.F.

Little Things

Enough for me, the little things, those graces oft unseen,
Flowers by the country road, the hills of carpet green.
Softly flows that cheery brook, its crystal waters clean,
Hymns of praise at eventide, as day slips from the scene.
~ D.F.

Song and Travel

Glimpse of golden sunlight, the journey beckons come,
Leave the old and tried, pay heed, a different drum.
With rhythm, soulful music, a catchy tune to hum,
A song to cheer life’s travels, succumb now to its charm.
~ D.F.

River Bend


Come round the bend with me, where hope as carpet grows,
Waters catching light, life, as the river flows.
Come round the bend with me, your hand so soft to hold,
Day at last, its resting, by night, our story told.
~ D.F.

Golden Path

Golden Path

Eyes cold and unfeeling, the heart long turned to stone.
Words filled with loathing, thoughts as black as coal.
Still, in this, our wretched state, time already on loan,
The Lord bids to walk with Him,
See the path, all laid with gold.
~ D.F.