Lurking in the shadows, in darkness, he roams the land,
Searching for a love, someone who would take his hand.
Walk him in the summer’s field, the setting sun, to stand,
Then the beast will end his day, and dawn, the inner man.
~ D.F.


The fire has been lit, awake then to its burn,
What had been dull to taste, now a lively turn.
Kicking up the senses, pleasure, pain discern,
Life, its hint of chilli? A godsend not to spurn!
~ D.F.

Passing By

Await that sacred hour, where all in stillness lie,
Cease your aimless walking, with the angels, fly.
The spirit now its resting, retire those weary eyes,
Then listen to his arriving, The Lord is passing by.
~ D.F.
“The Lord passed before Moses”
~ Exodus 34:6


Peering through the waters, dark and murky night,
Tiny pearls of wisdom, these orbs, most gentle light.
Softly glowing, calling, to all men, a summon write,
“Possess my inmost treasure, lay claim to your birth right.”
~ D.F.
“The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls.”
~ Matthew 13:45

Let’s Swing

Out of all the earthly pleasures, tis simple yet so fine,
With a mighty rush of wind, dark shadows left behind.
Riding on this rocket seat, just the ticket for a high!
Take me to the heavens, the pleasures of childhood find.
~ D.F.

Sky Ride

Draw me up to heaven, a ride now through the sky,
Hope abounds in freedom, clouds each silver lined.
Streams of graces flowing, prayers with angels rise,
Faith, a just rewarding, home with the saints, I’ll find.
~ D.F.


Revive these tired bones, so beaten down and worn,
The flesh of man did carry, many his sins thus borne.
Strength and youth restoring, healed, those tendons torn,
Then Christ Himself enrobing! The son of man reborn.
~ D.F.

“Son of man, can these bones come back to life?”
~ Ezekiel 37:3


Peering through the past, a vision, crystal clear,
How the tempest riding, His hand did surely steer.
Tender mercies shine, those nights that teemed with tears,
Dawn, its hour rising, new hope born free of fear.
~ D.F.