Just Me

Having taken more than a year off workΒ to spend time with my pair of young twin boys has been the best thing.

Besides the chance to be involved in their growth day after day, I have had time to revisit my interests in reading, writing and photography and now to embark on new ones like writing this blog.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog in which I will share my reading and reflections on God, family and life along with photographs which I have been privileged to capture. Updates will be on a daily basis.

God bless and come, take a walk with me!

Daniel Ng

“Dan Frugalberg”

459 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Weird question! You don’t happen to know or go by the name of Justin Ng? I’m asking because I just posted a beautiful photo by Justin Ng and you just liked my post and I thought that couldn’t have been a coincidence! It’s a shooting star picture from April-ish 2013?


  2. what a coincidence!! After my daughter’s birth when I am away from work I again started my writing, painting after many many years. and I was so happy to see her growing, she became my inspiration. and now I have started my blog.


  3. I was attracted to your writing for the Spirituality of A Simple Love and find here that we share another interest in Nature. I am not a photographer, but I write about nature and express the connection I find there to the Creator. Come see me some time, you’re welcome anytime.

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  4. Hi Dan, Thank you for stopping by my blog; I appreciate it. You truly have some beautiful writings here and simply lovely pictures occupying them. I surely had to follow. God Bless πŸ™‚
    ~ baaps

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