Farewell, Love


Lay your hand upon me, run your fingers through my hair,
A kiss upon my eyelids, the scent of your presence, fair.
No more then will I see you, come, night, its frosty air,
But as yet, the stars, they’re shining, love, our sweet affair.
~ D.F.

Time & Space


Will I gaze again the kindly curves of your sweet and gentle face,
Or touch that softly flowing mane, your hair, its fragrance trace.
With eyes that spy a warming hope, as spring through winter, grace,
And hips that sway with flowing beat, a pause in time and space.
~ D.F.

Do You Know


Do you know how much I love you, to count indeed the ways,
How every single dewdrop, a tinge of the sun’s own rays.
While the trees in the countryside, adore, the flowers gaze,
As I, they too, your loveliness, the hours, they turn to days.
~ D.F.

Sweet Sixteen

Take me back to yesteryear, when all was young and green,

Lilies lying in the fields, the waters, clear and clean. 

Where promise meets the open sky, birds, their younglings wean,

And there you were, all day with me, love at sweet sixteen.

– D.F.

 Standing Still

If it could, that time stood still, which moment would it be?

Penning thoughts, the open sky, shade of the old oak tree.

Or a stroll, white sandy shores, the music of the sea,

Better yet, the magic hour, when you said Yes to me.

~ D.F.

A Simple Love

Tis all so pure and simple, in a clear and crystal way,

How Love, before the ages, should seek a home to stay.

Coming down from heaven, in a lowly stable, lay,

A child, whose name brings Promise, whose light, eternal day.

~ D.F.


A pulse, a gentle stirring, a fire deep within,

A flame to light the coals of love, a spark from nought begin.

Burning through the wintery cold, hope, so worn and thin,

Yet find in you, that fiery hearth, to warm my soul within.

~ D.F.

What Will Be

Come, stay with me til ‘morrow, this night alone as one,

This our little getaway, let all the others shun. 

What holds for us, come morning, the waking of sun,

Will Love survive our dreaming, or will all become as none.

~ D.F.

Find Me

Find Me in the golden light, as the world, to darkness, sleep,

Among the twinkling stars of night, as dreams, draw ever deep. 

Up upon the crescent moon, or as far, the cosmos sweep,

Yet ever close to you, my love, beneath your blanket, peep.

~ D.F.


What indeed is paradise, except to be with you,

To have your tender kisses, hugs, so warm and true.

Lying in your gentle arms, the sky, its brilliant hue,

Watch the slowly setting sun, the writ of love renew.

~ D.F.