Listen, hear the sound, sweet angels passing by,
Whispering of the leaves, grass, they softly sigh.
Earth, its gentle turning, sun, at noon, so high,
Flow’rs, in rhythm, swaying, clouds, they roam the sky.
~ D.F.

Fire & Snow

A tiny orb of light, in darkness, softly glows,
Faith and courage nursing, as wild, the cold wind blows.
Fire, breathing, burning, with strength from weakness flow,
Sure, the footsteps gather, His trail across the snow.
~ D.F.


The dance of golden sunlight, warmth upon her cheeks,
With softness in her eyes, the kindly words, she speaks.
Round, her children gather, the face of God, they seek,
Basking in her presence, sweet mother, strong and meek.
~ D.F.


The fragrance of her innocence, young and free of care,
Rafting through the tranquil hills, this maiden, lovely, fair.
Finest of His crafting, oh that all, this vision share,
Virgin, brightest, purest, by grace, Our Lord to bear.
~ D.F.
“Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you.”
~ Luke 1:28


O leave me by the wayside, the world, tis passing by,
Fleeting thoughts and actions, yet none that could lift me high.
Just quiet, watchful, waiting, my eyes, the dimming sky,
For He who comes to gather, the broken where they lie.
~ D.F.

“He will send his angels and gather His elect from the four winds”
~ Mark 13:27


Take me on a little twirl, a dance, just you and I,
Rising through celestial heights, beyond the clouds so high.
Gone the days of sorrow, O what blessings they belie,
For now, in you, possessing, e’er lost in your blue eyes.
~ D.F.