The Rainbow Tree

The Rainbow Tree

Autumn leaves come alive,
Oddly in tropical clime.

School children walking by,
A warm spectrum upon them shines.

For like this tree,
God deemed it right,
Creating these kids
with special needs and likes.

So with a kinder eye,
Look beyond and deep,
Rainbows stir us to life!
When our tired senses fall asleep.

~ D.F.


I have never seenΒ this treeΒ in autumn colours until yesterday November 13 just after midday. It is located on the sidewalk near the visitors’ entrance to the Rainbow Centre at Margaret Drive, Singapore, a school dedicated to the care of children with special needs including those with autistic spectrum disorder (Do visit their homepage at

Disclaimer: This personal post in no way represents the views of the Rainbow Centre.

60 thoughts on “The Rainbow Tree

  1. This reminds me of what our local Native Americans called the “Candy Tree.” They used to hack a hole in the sides of western larch trees which would collect pitch in the spring. As the family group would pass by a certain tree on their hunting/gathering forays it was the custom for the kids to run ahead and take some of the sweet pitch from the tree. But they would always save some to take back to the village for elders who couldn’t make the tree.


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  3. Great writing. Thanks for stopping by Photomania.You have wonderful photos here. I also do some poetry at my other blog, Humorous Interludes at if you are interested. Cheers! πŸ™‚


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